Skip bins for household cleanups

The type of skip bin to select for a household cleanup will depend on several factors, namely:

  1. How much material you have (assuming you have some idea)
  2. If you have any large items
  3. Where the rubbish is located (e.g. in your garage, all over the house or in the backyard)
  4. If you time to load it or if you are in a hurry
  5. If you have somewhere in your property to put the skip

Generally speaking, if you are in a capital city, mobile skip bins are a handy choice as they can get into tighter places, hence closer to the waste material. You can also park them in the street legally (assuming you can legally park a car in the chosen spot) as the mobile skip has road registration. Mobile skips are not generally suitable if you have large, bulky items though because being tall, they are not very long or wide – they are more suitable for a lot of smaller items.

If y0u have large or bulky items or a lot of waste (more than 4 cubic metres), you will need some kind of skip bin. These go all the way up to 20 cubic metres or bigger.

Another handy choice for homeowners with very limited space is a skip bag. Rentaskip does not currently market skip bags however.