Rentaskip Australia goes online only – except for Tuesdays

We have found that most of our customers prefer to use the convenience of our website for booking skip bins so we have decided to go mainly online. This helps us to lower our overheads and pass on the savings to our customers. We realise though, that having booked a skip bin, it is important that you have a phone contact in case you want to know when your skip is coming or have any last minute instructions for the skip truck driver for instance. Therefore, once you have booked your skip, you will immediately receive an email with a local contact phone number that will allow you to reach our operator should you need to.

We do open up our call centre for Tuesdays however so that those who really do prefer to talk to a real person when arranging a skip, can do so.

We have recently enhanced our website to provide more information and hopefully this will assist you in finding the information that you require in order to be able to hire a skip.


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