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Hire your skip bin online 24/7 or phone us on (02) 4032 6418 to speak to one of our helpful consultants.

Cheap skip bin hire Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.

Hire your skip bin online or contact us on (02) 4032 6418 to find out about our great rates.

Skip bins at great rates

Rentaskip Australia offers great rates on skip bin hire services across all Newcastle and Lake Macquarie suburbs and throughout the Hunter Region. We have a huge range of bins from 2 cubic metres to 30 cubic metres. We know that one size does not fit all, so we are pleased help work out the most effective solution for your waste disposal needs.

We are a local Newcastle owned company with local knowledge, that has been providing Novocastrians with competitively priced skip bins for over 12 years.

Call us today on (02) 4032 6418 and we will be happy to help, or if you already know what type of skip you need, you can use our online booking engine 24/7 to conveniently book your skip.

Recycling of Waste

All rubbish that we collect in our skips is brought back to Newcastle's leading resource recovery centre where it is separated, and recyclable materials are processed on site or sent to recyclers.

Chain Lift Bins

Chain lift bins are generally under 10 cubic metres and go all the way down to 2 cubic metres. These are the most common skip bin type used for home clean-up and renovation tasks. Not all, but many chain lift bins have a door that opens at one end to make it easy to load.

Skip Bins

Hook Lift Bins

Hook lift bins are generally for large construction or demolition projects and can be used for the heaviest loads. Hook lift bins are available in most areas in 12m3, 15m3, 20m3, 30m3 and in some areas up to 40m3. Hook lift bins slide on a rail on the back of the truck and require a fair amount of linear and overhead space to be unloaded so please be aware of the space required for placement.

Hook lift bins

Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile skip bins are for lighter waste than regular skip bins and are great for household spring cleaning, office clean-ups and for some renovation jobs. Mobile skips are not intended for concrete or brick waste because of the density of these materials. These bins are legal to place on the street anywhere that a car could be legally parked in some cases are the only solution for inner city areas such as Cooks Hill and Newcastle East where houses may have no driveway space or front yard space for a skip bin.

Mobile skip bin

Get the Cheapest Quote

We provide the best rates available for your chosen dates. Since the best rates may vary with date, it is worth trying different dates or different hire periods. Always take care to chose the right waste material please in order to get the best quote.

Our prices for Newcastle skip bins is based on up to 7 days of hire. If you need your bin for longer, please feel free to call us and depending on current demand, we will most likely be able to assist.

Waste Types

We can accept a variety of waste types in our skips. Clean masonry tends to be the least expensive so if you have concrete and brick (free of any other material), be sure to check the rate available for this. If your needs change during the job and your initial choice of waste is on longer suitable, you can always let us know before collection and we can make an adjustment if necessary. Read more about waste types

About asbestos

Fibre cement manufactured prior to 1990 often contained asbestos. When undertaking demolition work or renovation, it is often not possible to asertain how old material is and whether or not it may contain asbestos. If you have fibre cement and it is not new material, the only way to be sure that it is not asbestos is to have it tested in a NATA certified lab, or if it has a manufacturer's stamp showing that the material was manufactured after the cessation of the use of asbestos as a component of fibre cement in Australia. Because of this, you must not put any form of fibre cement into a skip bin that you have hired through Rentaskip. No form of loose fill insulation may ever be put into a one of our skip bins.

If you have material that you know to constain asbestos or that you think might, we are more than happy to put you in touch with one a local company that can assist. Please give us a call and we'll be pleased to help you with the information you require.


....thank you, the staff who helped me over the phone were great and helped me work out the right sized skip for the job. The skip arrived on time and there were no hassles at all. The price was good also. I'd definately recommend you to outhers - Dave, New Lambton Heights, Newcastle, NSW.

Thanks very much for the flexible service you provided. The girl I spoke to when making the booking and the delivery driver were both very helpful. - Mel, Charlestown, Newcastle, NSW.

Same Day Deliveries

We have skips leaving from our yard at Kurri Kurri all day so we can often fit in a same day delivery. Having said that, the earlier you let us know, the better the chance we can get a bin to you that day.

Delivery Times

We do our very best to consider all customer requests for delivery times, but if you really need a bin first thing in the morning , it is best to arrange your delivery to occur the day before.

We organise our runs to maximise efficiency. This helps us to keep our bin hire rates down by conserving fuel.


If you have a skip on hire and you realise that you will be filling it and requiring a changeover:

  • Please call or email us at least the day before
  • Please don't overload the intial bin
  • Consider the size - do you need the same size skip again?