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Council Permits

for Placing a Skip Bin on the Road or Nature Strip

If you plan to put a skip bin in the street or on the nature strip a council permit is required in many, but not all areas.

Unfortunately the method of obtaining permits and the associated cost varies from council to council.

The table below serves as a guide and to the best of Rentaskip Australia's knowledge is correct at the time of writing, but you should make your own enquiry prior to renting a skip to be sure.




In most council areas, the permit must be obtained by the skip operator and in order to be able to do so, they must be registered with the particular council, having provided details of their public liability insurance and the like. In Melbourne CBD, a customer may obtain the permit themselves at a lower cost than can be obtained by the skip bin operator. Costs of permits and their duration vary significantly by area.


In some council's a skip company can buy an annual permit which will cover them for placement and the customer does not need to worry about it. In other areas the customer must apply for the permit. In some council areas, skips up to a certain length and width that meet requirements with regard to markings can be placed in the street without a permit for a certain period of time.


Permits are require for all suburbs and must be obtained by the customer.


In most areas a skip can be placed on the nature strip or footpath without a permit, as long as sufficient space is left for pedestrians to pass safely without having to walk onto the road. Skips cannot be placed on the roadway.


In inner suburbs a permit is normally required and is obtained by the customer


Permits are needed for Newcastle City Council area and are obtained by the skip company. In Lake Macquarie, permits are not required.

We recommend mobile skips as an alternative to a skip bin for general waste or green waste in cases where you need to put the skip on the road as this removes the need to have a permit as long as the mobile skips is placed in accordance with parking regulations.

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If you contact us before midday, in most cases we can have your skip bin delivered to you within 3 hours. Please note, Fridays are the busiest day so it is advisable to place any orders as early as possible.

We can often arrange for skips to be delivered and collected on the same day. You are unable to book this service online as we need to confirm driver availability, so please contact us at least one day prior in order to organise such services. Wait and go services can also be arranged in many cases where space is limited or where there is no space to leave a skip overnight.

Visit our new skip bin estimator page which can assist with estimation of the volume of skip bin you will require and the weight of the material.

Please read our skip placement page which explains clearly how a skip is placed and where you can place it in different situations. and in some cases we can provide an alternative such as to a conventional skip bin such a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.

Many inner city areas have restrictions on where you can put skip bins, or require a permit for placement on the footpath, nature strip or roadway. We can advise you of the regulations in your council area. In many cases we can obtain any required permit for you.

In many cases where a permit would be required for skip bins, we can provide an alternative to a conventional skip bin such as a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.