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Hire your skip bin online or contact us on 1300 997547 to speak to a consultant

Australia's first choice in skip hire

Hire your skip bin online or contact us on 1300 997547 to speak to a consultant

Why choose RentaSkip?

Rentaskip Australia is a national skip bin hire company servicing all major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle. We have a huge variety of skip bins at great prices to suit all your needs. Our aim is to make it as simple and easy as possible for our customers to get the right size and type of skip bin, delivered when required and with no unexpected costs.

We have been providing our customers with an easy-to-use and competitively priced skip hire service for over 12 years. To get an immediate quote on our website, you just need to enter your location, dates and waste type. Our system will display a list of the cheapest current rates for all sizes of skips available that match your requirements.

Call us today on 1300 99 7547 and we'll advise you on the best option to minimise your waste disposal costs while ensuring prompt delivery and ease of use.

Tips to Getting the Cheapest Skip Bins

When searching for the best price on our website, be sure to select the correct waste type and try a range of dates to be sure you are getting the best possible rate on your skip bin hire.

For waste removal needs during renovation and construction work, Rentaskip provides its customers with a competitively priced, and reliable skip bin hire service. We cater to builders, tradies, homeowners and all kinds of business.

Skip Bin Sizes and Types

Our skip bins are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 30 cubic metres with a range of types.

Hook lift bins are generally for large construction tasks and can be used for the heaviest loads. Trucks can carry only one of these bins at a time and these tend to be at least 12 cubic metres in size and can go all the way up to 40 cubic metres. Hook lift bins slide on a rail on the back of the truck and require a fair amount of linear and overhead space to be unloaded.

Chain lift bins are generally under 10 cubic metres and go all the way down to 2 cubic metres. These are the most common skip bin type used for home clean-up and renovation tasks. Not all, but many chain lift bins have a door that opens at one end to make it easy to load.

Mobile skip bins are lighter duty than chain lift or hook lift bins and are ideal for home clean-ups, office clean-ups and some renovation jobs. Mobile skips cannot be used for concrete or brick waste as these are too heavy.

Hook Lift Bins hook lift bin
Chain Lift Skip Bins (Marrell Skips) Chain lift skip bin
Mobile Skip Bins Mobile skip bin

Waste Types

Skip bins can be hired for a variety of waste types, including general waste, heavy waste, concrete and brick. They can generally not be used for food waste unless agreed with us before hiring the skip and special arrangements are made. The type of waste can affect the cost of the skip and it is very important to specify this correctly when you are ordering to avoid any additional costs.

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If you contact us before midday, in most cases we can have your skip bin delivered to you within 3 hours. Please note, Fridays are the busiest day so it is advisable to place any orders as early as possible.

We can often arrange for skips to be delivered and collected on the same day. You are unable to book this service online as we need to confirm driver availability, so please contact us at least one day prior in order to organise such services. Wait and go services can also be arranged in many cases where space is limited or where there is no space to leave a skip overnight.

Visit our new skip bin estimator page which can assist with estimation of the volume of skip bin you will require and the weight of the material.

Please read our skip placement page which explains clearly how a skip is placed and where you can place it in different situations. and in some cases we can provide an alternative such as to a conventional skip bin such a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.

Many inner city areas have restrictions on where you can put skip bins, or require a permit for placement on the footpath, nature strip or roadway. We can advise you of the regulations in your council area. In many cases we can obtain any required permit for you.

In many cases where a permit would be required for skip bins, we can provide an alternative to a conventional skip bin such as a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.