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Skip Bin Placement

Tips on skip bin placement

Probably the most common questions we asked by customers relate to where their skip can be positioned. This can pose some challenges and the below information is designed to give you some idea about where you can place a bin in your situation.

Most small the medium sized skips are lowered off the back of a truck by two parallel hydraulic lifting arms. Many large skips are of the roll-on-roll-off variety (otherwise known as hooklift bins). With this mechanism, the bed of the truck tips up and the skip then slides down the bed of the truck. These mechanics dictate where a skip bin can or cannot be positioned.

Placement within your property

It is preferable to put the bin in your property if you can as this will avoid the need for a council permit and will also help to prevent unauthorised access to your bin by passersby who often put their own refuse in other people's bins.

Placement in a driveway

A skip truck is normally between 2.5m wide (small truck) and 3.3m (large truck) so if you need the skip right up a long driveway you need to be aware of the width of your gate and driveway. The widest point of the truck is the mirrors so if the gate is low enough for the mirrors to pass over, even a large truck can get into most driveways. The video below show a 4 cubic metre skip being placed in a driveway.

Placement in a front yard

If you want a skip bin placed in your front yard, this can often be achieved easily. There are two ways this can be done; either the skip can be lifted over the front fence if it is fairly low or the truck can reverse into the driveway and turn in so it can lower the skip in the yard rather than onto the driveway. The second option requires that there be adequate turning room. The video below shows a 4 cubic metre skip being lowered into a front yard over a fence.

Placement in garages, carports and underground parking stations

Only mobile skips and skip bags can be placed in these locations. The required overhead clearance for a mobile skip is 2.1 metres. If you can get a Toyota Landcruiser in the structure, the mobile skip will also fit.

Placement on the street or nature strip

If it is not possible to place the skip within your property, you might need to put it in the street or on the nature strip. Please refer to our Council Permit page for more information regarding the relevant rules that differ by location.

The video below shows a 4 cubic metre skip being placed on the roadside. Please notice that the truck with its lifting arms extended occupies at least 2 car lengths so if you are placing it in a street with cars parked, please keep in mind the need to secure sufficient space for the placement to occur. If a skip can't be placed where you have indicated and the skip has to be returned to the yard, you will be required to pay any call out fees associated with the failed delivery.

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If you contact us before midday, in most cases we can have your skip bin delivered to you within 3 hours. Please note, Fridays are the busiest day so it is advisable to place any orders as early as possible.

We can often arrange for skips to be delivered and collected on the same day. You are unable to book this service online as we need to confirm driver availability, so please contact us at least one day prior in order to organise such services. Wait and go services can also be arranged in many cases where space is limited or where there is no space to leave a skip overnight.

Visit our new skip bin estimator page which can assist with estimation of the volume of skip bin you will require and the weight of the material.

Please read our skip placement page which explains clearly how a skip is placed and where you can place it in different situations. and in some cases we can provide an alternative such as to a conventional skip bin such a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.

Many inner city areas have restrictions on where you can put skip bins, or require a permit for placement on the footpath, nature strip or roadway. We can advise you of the regulations in your council area. In many cases we can obtain any required permit for you.

In many cases where a permit would be required for skip bins, we can provide an alternative to a conventional skip bin such as a mobile skip that does not require a permit in most cases.